Bamboo Beach Resort

We lucked into an invite to an afternoon get together at Bamboo Beach Resort – what a beautiful place, and a nice day mingling with some of the local ex-pats. This place has a great hall with a restaurant/bar, an outdoor pizza oven/grill underneath a huge palapa, the biggest hot tub I’ve ever seen, and a gorgeous beach, too – plus six guest cabanas. Oh yeah, and it’s for sale ( just a little over a million) if you’re so inclined.

bamboo beach aerial

Entry into the great hall…



And the bar / restaurant inside – love all the natural touches.


The outdoor banquet area…


and a bunch of folks hanging around outside it (that’s Ray in the red shirt, sitting)….



A friendly game of horseshoes was going on nearby…


Kids hanging out at the hammocks…


Here’s the pizza oven / grill underneath that big palapa…


…and how you stoke it on the back end.


And the world’s largest (?! maybe) hot tub…



There’s also a fun promenade of sorts out over the water (I saw pictures of someone’s wedding at this place and the bride and groom walked along this). Sheltered swimming and easy boat docking.

bamboo-beach-15 bamboo-beach-14 bamboo-beach-13 bamboo-beach-12 bamboo-beach-11 bamboo-beach-10 bamboo-beach-9 bamboo-beach-8 bamboo-beach-7 bamboo-beach-5

Glad we got to visit before somebody snaps it up and can start charging the going rate. A fun day!

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