About Us


We’re Ray and Jackie Gambill, a couple of crazy middle-aged Americans who – – having already lived in some off-beat places (Key West, FL; Agana, Guam; and Naples, Italy, to name a few) – – decided it was time for another adventure. We tried a house-sit that came our way by chance and got hooked on the house-sitting lifestyle.

As former home and business owners ourselves, we understand the value of keeping property maintained and of providing great customer service. And since our family has at various times included three rambunctious chow / wolf mixes and a menagerie of cats, we’re well versed in pet care and like to have an animal or two or three around, too.

We maintain a house-sitting profile and references on housecarers.com here.

You’re also welcome to have a look at our professional resumes, available in PDF format below.

Resume Jackie Gambill
Resume Ray Gambill

Lastly, browse through our blogs about our house-sitting experiences to date, then let us know if we can help YOU keep your home and pets well-cared for while you are away!



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. oh, you are livin’ the life now! Corozal Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world. well, in my mind.


  2. aimingtobegreen says:

    I have recently started a new blog http://everydaypeopleoftheworld.wordpress.com/ and having read your blog I think that you are someone who would be excellent to feature.
    The aim behind this site as a result is to conduct a short interview with a variety of people to show people throughout the world’s hopes, fears, loves and hates. Who are these 7-billion people who inhabit this rock going round the sun? What do we all have in common? What difficulties can we all face together?
    In my simple mind, the more we learn about each other, the more we highlight that we’re all just people then the less chance there is that we’ll turn guns and words of hate upon on another. It’s a simple dream, but we have a lot of people so let’s get started………
    If you’d like to feature on the site, then please get in touch via the contact page.’
    Do you think this is something you or anyone you know would be interested in? The idea is not for profit in anyway, the simple aim is to break some stigma and stereotypes.
    Many thanks for reading
    Claire Allen


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