To The Wall and Back Again

The internet connection to the mainland was down yesterday morning so instead of starting the day with work, we started with play and jumped the water taxi to West Bay. It was a bit overcast but calm enough to snorkel.


We got in the water just off Tabyana Beach….


…and this crew of¬†sergeant majors was hanging out right at the shoreline.



Along the rock wall, we spotted this gigantic parrot fish and his blue tang pals.


We were just cruising along when all of a sudden I saw a bunch of bubbles in the water ahead of us. There were a ton of other snorkelers in the water with us, but apparently there were some divers too.


So we hovered to watch for a while which was interesting (I’m still on the fence about trying a discovery dive but it did look like fun – also less effort than snorkeling).


Ray kept checking in with me and I was doing OK so I guess he decided while I wasn’t paying close attention that he’d lead me out to the famed West Bay “wall.”


He’d been talking about how when the reef drops off, it’s a literal abyss, and yeah, so there it was in front of me. It was a beautiful¬†endless blue, and I did get as close to the edge as I felt comfortable with, but I didn’t want to stay there. Probably a good thing I didn’t know where we were ahead of time because once I figured it out, I had to work hard not to puke into my mask. Once we backed off and I had a little time to collect myself, I was OK – and actually now I wish that I would have stayed a little longer checking it out. Next time!

Heading back in…


We saw some tourists pointing at the rock walls while we were having a refresher back on shore and figured out what they were looking at. Enough fun, back to work…






Saturday Snorkel

We snorkeled around Half Moon Bay yesterday afternoon and Ray got some good pictures. This phosphorescent guy and some of his less showy kin.


I always get distracted by purple things. Since these were everywhere, I was pretty distracted.


For those who say I might not have actually snorkeled in Belize because there were no pictures, here you go. Yes, it is really me.


And some needlefish.


Ray dove under and pulled up this good size queen conch shell, with inhabitant inside.




Blue Tangs. Lots of them. At least I think they’re tangs?


Last but not least, Jackie and the Blue Tangs (my new rock band name).


Back to shore until next time…