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So, That Happened.

The condensed version from my last post to now:

In late 2014, we returned from Central America and jumped back into the reality of U.S. life, like it or not: By which I mean that we got jobs and an apartment in Orlando, and we also got smarter — and busier — with college courses (Ray starting in web design, then shifting to tourism and hospitality, while I refreshed my graphic skills).

We got very, very tired of the traffic and the crowds; but we were putting money away, and we were learning useful new things; and whenever one of us got dejected, we reminded each other why we were doing this. In other words, we were on an “anti-sabbatical.”

This is a word I was not familiar with until recently when I read about it in Vagabonding, an excellent book by Rolf Potts: In Generation X, Douglas Coupland defined “anti-sabbatical” as a job approached with the sole intention of staying for a limited period of time (often one year) . . . to raise enough funds to partake in another, more personally meaningful activity.

(By the way, not every role we have taken on  – or for that matter, will take on next – falls into that category – though this one definitely did.)

So, we told each other, just 6 months, maybe 9 months more, and then we’ll be ready to go again. Except we started to suspect that our jobs were maybe not going to last (ultimately they didn’t – the company we were both working for went under). By then, though, we’d applied for a role as resident managers of a motel in Bonita Springs FL, and we got hired. It was a job I think we were very well suited for, and we learned a ton, even though not everything about the situation was ideal.

In March, we said yes to a return housesit on Roatan, and shortly afterward we wound down our stint at the motel. We fly out this week, and we are so ready!