Lord, Love A Duck & Other Shenanigans

We aren’t ready to go home yet, but it’s time to fly back to Florida this weekend. Here’s a look back at some of the fun we had this time.

The Coconut Tree Bar & Restaurant is located over the popular scuba dive center of the same name.  It’s got the perfect location, right at the West End turnabout. I recommend it for a day drink or two, good eats, hanging with old friends (Bonnie and Mark – I’m blaming that table full of empties on you two!) and making new ones (in fact, come to think of it, I am pretty sure we met most of our new ones there) – – not to mention people-watching on the street and dock below, with some of the best views of sunset and cruise ship sailings.

coconut tree divers bar and restaurantwest-end-roundaboutbar-and-birdjackie-and-ray-coconutsIMG_1096food-coconutsIMG_3617Coconut Tree is also home to Adam’s Ants, who we intended to photograph weekly doing something ridiculous, although we only got around to staging these two (you-have-to-admit-pretty-awesome) shots.

adams-antsMore often, though, we’ve been celebrating sunsets at Lands’ End. It’s a bit of a hike out of the main town, but worth it.

IMG_3903 IMG_1107

The fact that they have a pool (thank you, Jesus, on some of these hot days) is part of it. The nightly dollar-beer specials help. Not to mention the million-dollar view. Oh, and those mojitos. But mostly it’s been the shenanigans with these guys.


We also field-tripped it over the holiday weekend to Guava Grove  – the other nearby place with a pool – where the shenanigans continued. How better to celebrate Canada Day and the 4th of July than with a pool-noodle competition (our clear winner Nicki pulled off a 6-noodle stand and definitely earned that chardonnay).


But Lands End was the place this time around.


I’m pretty sure we can blame the full moon for all of it. Cheers!



One thought on “Lord, Love A Duck & Other Shenanigans

  1. Connie Stemen Benedict says:

    OMG what beautiful pictures and beautiful people. I am so glad you had so much fun, but that’s a gimme. I hope to see you back in Florida next time I am down there. Love to you guys.


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