Weekend Travels: Saturday, Part 2

Back in the car and heading for – yes, really – Fantasy Island. In relatively the same area as Little French Key, which we had ferried over to visit on our 2014 trip, this little key was closer in and had its own bridge. The guards at the gate said we could have 15 minutes on property to look around.

I’m trying not to take pictures of every pretty flower I see, but these pink Ixora in the parking lot were just too gorgeous.

The beach was pretty gorgeous too.

Time’s up. Back to the main road and a drive down the next road or so to visit the Parrot Tree Beach Resort (they have great photography on their site if you want to see how the professionals do it – or just continue on with us amateurs).

As we usually do, we headed for the beach…down this beckoning walkway.

And found views like this:

And this beautiful vista from the top of the hill as we were heading back out:

More zipping around curves and switchbacks and just enjoying spectacular scenery in all directions:

I had noticed some large homes with windmills (going full tilt – very windy day) but also noticed three items poking from the undergrowth up ahead that I couldn’t identify – ?? We came around a curve and oh, no wonder, it’s a fricking boat. I’d seen the spars.

We were like, this wasn’t here before (I think we would have remembered a boat in the middle of the road). So we stopped to see what it was.

While Ray went up the stairs into the skull’s mouth to see what he could see, I walked the exterior length along the road. Pretty cool stuff.

Skull chairs. Must have one.

Ray reported that it looked like a bar inside, though it was locked and long-abandoned. Hmm. Someone had grand ambitions (we learned later from server Josh at Coconut Tree Divers restaurant that it was an ill-fated business by the same guy who was running the dance club in West End last time we were here; it was only open 3 days before it got shut down – ouch). Anyway, it looked like it must have been a really fun place while it lasted.

It was getting late afternoon and we decided that was maybe enough running for one day. Back to West End, where Squeek was waiting anxiously on the stairs: “Where ya been? You’re gonna feed me, right?”


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