Roatan Explore 3, Part 2: Little French Key

So we’re ferrying out to Little French Key and the rain seems to be easing up. 🙂


There were two cruise ships in port on Roatan, but the rain (or threat of it) must have kept many onboard because there were few others with us on the key – though it’s clear the owners and staff can (and I’m sure do) host hundreds at a time.

This aerial image is from the LFK website (if you haven’t checked it out yet, go! Lots of good info and many more beautiful photos). For a small island, there are a lot of structures cubby-holed all over – from the mini-zoo’s animal cages to a variety of fun bars, restaurants and hang-out spots, yet the overall feeling is laid-back and expansive.


Here’s the view looking back to shore from the boat dock (which is the gray rectangle in the water at mid left in pic above).


We started with a right turn from the dock, and our first encounter was with this staff member chatting up an adorable little capuchin monkey…


…and some colorful macaws.


Then, moving down this dock, where we could see out to the reef…


We went up and down this structure, with its jump-off dock.


Which was also home to a pretty cool little bar…


With a view….


to this place (aerial from LFK website again):


And now I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking.



These flow-y benches are everywhere – even in the water alongside the docks, which is pretty fun.


Also loved the swing bar. where you’re sitting in the water.


We took a quick peek in the gift shop, which had lots of fun items for sale…


And we ran back into Foster, who had greeted us first at Frenchy’s and then headed over to the key before we did. He greeted us by happily singing along with the good music playing in the area (Rude, by Magic – bouncy fun if you don’t know it): “Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? (Say yes, say yes)” so I told him we actually have a single daughter, so I don’t know…but maybe (he said come visit, Kayla).


The island across the way is Big French Key, owned by someone else and not developed (yet?).


Obviously the coolest area on the island (at least in our opinion). However, there was more. Here’s another restaurant/bar a little further along on the reef side of the island.

076077079 078

The reef is literally this close…


We liked this cool natural planter and the kids’ treehouse.


Surprise: We didn’t get to see a jaguar in Belize, but there’s one here:



And a lion too, with his own platform overlook…

090 091

And more monkeys…


And toucans…

IMG_0701093And parrots…


All too soon, we were back at the boat dock…


And just in time for the rain to resume.



What a wonderful place ~ sigh. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in Roatan! Thanks, Larissa and Kaveh, for sharing your little piece of paradise with us.

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One thought on “Roatan Explore 3, Part 2: Little French Key

  1. Karen C says:

    So I have to ask, did Ray dance on the bar? If not, what a missed opportunity, although there wasn’t anyone around to tip him. Mike would have! Looks like a wonderful place. Thanks for all the pics.


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