Wild weather on the island

Earlier this week, friends in Belize were reporting a cold front coming in so we figured we were next. On Wednesday we went for a walk and stumbled across a resort called Lands End. It wasn’t open yet but we wandered the premises and took some pics by their saltwater pool.


On the way back to Woody’s for groceries (our original destination), we came upon a shore excursion of horse back riders. Ray asked how they were doing and the woman laughed: “I’m horseback riding on Roatan!” Guess she was enjoying herself.


And here as everywhere, Christmas creep happens (it’s not Thanksgiving yet, people!)…


So we stowed the groceries and then headed back out to Foster’s to watch the weather continue to move in. The surf was definitely up, even in this calmer area with protection from the reef, and a wide stretch of seaweed and assorted junk was floating in the swells. Stayed long enough for one beer and decided we better head back or we’d be stuck there in the rain (not a bad place to be stuck, but from the color of the sky, we’d have been stuck there a long time).

Just made it back in time for a downpour and a rush of banana-bending wind, and that’s pretty much what it has been like since. At one point yesterday, definitely gale-force winds for a few hours.


And the power coming and going, though we did get to see some Thanksgiving football (the first part of the first game, the middle of the middle game, and the end of the last one – ha ha). Too much fun!

The rain finally let up one time yesterday and we could see (and hear) how roiled up the surf was.

005I walked down to the road to see how things looked. Pretty much like this:


And you know what? After August in Belize, we are loving this kind of weather. Bring it on!

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One thought on “Wild weather on the island

  1. Donna Flores says:

    It looks so beautiful there, we will make it to Rotan one day soon. Yes the weather is a relief from August, need warming up now, had enough, enjoy!


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