Roatan Explore 2 (Coxen Hole/French Harbor)

We woke up yesterday in an exploring mood and hopped a collectivo to Coxen Hole proper (we were on its outskirts when we did our first explore). Here’s the clock tower and a church in the main part of town.


Tangles of wiring like this one seems to be the norm in that area.


A nice lady on the shuttle directed us toward the collectivo pick-up to French Harbor, which was about a five minute walk along a market area. We found the bus in a parking lot and since it wasn’t ready to leave yet, Ray popped out for a smoke.


I took a pic from the back of the bus, which hadn’t filled up yet. Eventually there were 18 adults, a couple of kids and a full-size cooler packed in. It’s an interesting (and cheap) way to travel here.


Ray seemed to have an idea we were going to find a foodie friend he’d made on Facebook somewhere in French Harbor (turns out the guy is actually a bit further on, so ‘not today’). Regardless, though, we had a nice walk through the area and stopped for a wonderful lunch at Gio’s Restaurant.

french-harbour 007The way the island is positioned keeps messing with our heads. It seems as if the side we are on (ie West End) should face the Honduran mainland, but actually it’s the east side (ie,  French Harbor) that does. If you look at the horizon in the pic below, you can just make out the mainland hills below the cloud bank.

010Here’s me admiring the view. Believe it or not, I was having a good time, though I don’t particularly look like it here.


Since we’d walked quite a way from where the bus dropped us off, it took us a bit more walking to find the pickup spot again (not necessarily marked, you just have to recognize it). Ditto in Coxen Hole, but we’re getting it. Fun day!

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One thought on “Roatan Explore 2 (Coxen Hole/French Harbor)

  1. Donna Flores says:

    Looks really nice there, was thinking it was smaller and more backwards, was wrong


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