Mariposa Lodge

I went on a photo tour around the grounds the other day while Ray was doing a little maintenance on the front walkway.


Here’s the view up to our “parrot perch” – this tree is slowly being decimated by termites, but the woodpeckers and grackles love to hang out there. I wish a few of the green parrots we have seen (and heard) would stop there but I guess they prefer trees with a little more camouflage. We saw a pair the other day that were GINORMOUS, at least compared to the small variety we know from Belize. Totally different squawks too.


Speaking of squawking, an interesting phenomenon here is the regular roving of two varieties of gas trucks along our little unpaved neighborhood road. They each have loudspeakers that play music and a little message. The Cintas Gas version is very peppy (listen here) while Zeta Gas has more of a smooth jazz vibe (here). You’re welcome for the new earworms.

Some very bright red palm nuts. And some other red flora.




Besides the parrots, the local wildlife is pretty tame. A huge albino bunny frequents the back yard; the occasional agouti skips across the road below; there’s lots of noisy roosters, hens and chicks; and a land crab or two hiding out in holes around the foundation (Ray originally mistook them for tarantulas – large tarantulas).

And here’s Ray and the cat obliging me for photo ops.




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