West Bay: Repeat on a boat day with sun

We woke to our first sunny day on island yesterday and decided to head back to West Bay to try snorkeling those coral heads just offshore. West Bay on a sunny day with a cruise ship in is a different experience. There was a wedding being set up at Infinity Bay…


…lots of boats in to shore, tourists and local vendors everywhere…


…and a much bluer sea.


So. We headed to Tabyana Beach where the reef meets a wall in a series of coral caverns. These two photos are from the Infinity Bay resort website which is adjacent.



The day’s excursion off the cruise ship was already in full swing – many people claiming beach chairs and already in the water snorkeling (photo swipe from Carnival Cruise Lines website).


Security on the beach was tight, including uniformed and sometimes armed guards. This place is a bit more like Mexico in that respect (there was even an armed security guard inside Bojangle’s the other day – which was probably warranted, since we might have jumped over the counter to swipe extra biscuits on our way out if he hadn’t been there).

Anyway, we got our gear on and headed into the water and learned something in pretty short order: I am not Jackie Cousteau. I hung in there long enough to do a pretty good explore, and it was pretty amazing – all kinds of different corals and sea fans, and so many colorful fish! – but I wasn’t feeling too good. I am not sure if it was seasickness exactly (from the current and the swaying stuff?) and/or that I was anxious, but I was finally queasy enough to tell Ray I needed to go in.

Poor Ray. Scuba Man is stuck with the Dramamine Queen. Over a beer and a quick snack at Infinity Bay’s Palapa Bar, we decided that must be the answer. Because the first snorkel in Belize where I had such a great time, I had taken Dramamine throughout. For the second, ill-fated kayak expedition, I hadn’t even thought about it. Or for this one.

Needless to say, we will be visiting the pharmacia before we go again, because I do not want to be the wuss that ruins the adventure every time. In some consolation, I Googled “seasick” and “snorkel” and apparently it’s not unusual for people of a certain finely tuned (yeah, that’s how I’m putting it) disposition. The consensus there was yes, Dramamine and also that ginger helps.

Anyway, in case we weren’t sure the first time around, yes, we do like the Palapa Bar – whether it’s cloudy or sunny out. We watched the wedding festivities and congratulated the groom while enjoying the banter among the bartenders and staff (must get to know these guys. Perhaps there is local pricing?)

palapa-bar-rayview-to-beach-from-palapa-barpalapa-barAnyway, I was still not feeling 100% so I slipped into the resort pool for a cool swim and that seemed to do the trick. Onward, down the beach to see what else was happening. A little duo – a singer on keyboards and a pirate-garbed percussionist of  indeterminate sex? – was playing music at Bananarama’s so we stopped there.

Or it may have been those girls in the bikinis that got Ray’s attention…Hey, don’t be feeling bad for me, there was also an eighty year old guy in a Speedo strutting around (Ray just wishes he could have rocked that look, ha ha).

ray-at-bananaramaI liked this orange fish made out of junk hanging over the bar.


Here’s Ray looking all Pole Caddy Daddy.


And an interior shot.


Okay, time to stroll back down the beach. So pretty!


And find the water taxi back to West End.


Not sure why I was making this face, but I am pretty sure I didn’t know I was on camera.


Nice day! And next time should be better if we can get a pharmaceutical assist for me…

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