Roatan explore 1 (Coxen Hole/West Bay)

Since someone asked where in the hell we are, here is a helpful map.


More precisely:


Even more precisely:


Yesterday we went two places: First, we took the collectivo (shuttle bus) from West End to Coxen Hole, Roatan’s capital and the largest city on the island. Beyond being home to one of the island’s two cruise ship piers, it’s very similar to some of the Belizean towns we’ve experienced and looks like this (top photo credit to Richard Hulhorn; bottom photo credit to someone on Flickr, sorry I can’t ID better than that):

297_m_Coxen-Hole,-Costa-Rica-copycoxen hole 2

We were in search of two things: A breakfast stop at Bojangle’s, which we’d been very surprised to see on our taxi ride in from the airport, especially since I had just said wistfully to Ray the other day that I could really go for a Bojangle’s biscuit…

018IMG_0559…and to find a new computer mouse for Ray, since he’d had a bad electronics moment and came up (in one day!) with not only a malfunctioning mouse, but also a broken camera and a fried Roku box. Usually I play the Death to Electronics character, so that was a little refreshing (well, for me – he was a little ticked off, but Bojangle’s helped).

After stumbling about the area on foot for awhile – a dangerous proposition in this heavy two lane traffic – and getting wildly divergent directions to “a computer place in Mango Tree Center” from our attempts to communicate in English with locals, we hailed a cab whose driver, Rafael, took us directly there. He also agreed to wait for us to shop (voila! they had a mouse) and then drive us to West Bay.

From Coxen Hole, we drove downhill and past the Town Center (home to government buildings and also one of the two the cruise ship ports on island)…


…and then along Flowers Bay, a fairly nondescript village (see area on the back side of the photo below) where hordes of uniformed kids (girls: white shirt, blue pleated skirts, white sox, black shoes; the boys similarly attired in white shirts and dark pants – very like Belize) had just been released from class.

As expected, it is rainy season here and the day was a bit gray, so our pictures of West Bay are not half as stunning as many on the web like this aerial view of the reef.

west bay roatanWe came out on the beach just to the right of the two columns of red roofs in the above pic at Infinity Bay Resort which apparently looks like the below pic on a sunny day. I’m not complaining, mind you, this cool weather here is a huge relief from Belize’s hot summer. I’m just ‘splaining.

RTBINF_Lg01We stopped for a beer at their La Palapa beach bar. It was not a cruise ship day so it was just us and these guys.


With a Salva Vida in hand, this view, and excellent music on their surround sound speakers, we did not care.

IMG_0565After a certain amount of time wasting there, we walked down the beach a stretch.

IMG_0567BananaRama’s looks like it would be a hot spot on a boat day. Love these swings.

002Of course, since we had left the dock area, a returning water taxi came into view. We hailed from the beach and they waited for us, though, for the quick zip back to West End.


Which pretty much looks like this if you fly over it:

west endOr, if you prefer, this (the Mariposa Lodge is just up the road from Splash Inn):

WestEndRoatanHondurasIn my opinion, as beautiful as the beach at West Bay is, we landed in exactly the right spot right here in West End. More to come!

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3 thoughts on “Roatan explore 1 (Coxen Hole/West Bay)

  1. Christine says:

    Wow… looks like you made a much better choice than Maine! 😉


  2. jgambill21 says:

    Hi Christine – yes we saw on the national news last night that Bangor had an early heavy snow – which could have been fun in its own way, I suppose – but this is working out pretty well right now. 🙂


  3. Christine says:

    Right now I’m sure it’s much easier to get to Bojangles where you are, too… lol


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