Countdown to…?

We have a little less than a month to our house-sit turnover date here in Belize. We’re ready for the next adventure, though we don’t know yet where we will land. There are still many balls in the air, so it’s a good thing we’ve gotten skilled at juggling while we’ve been here. 🙂 For now, it’s just a matter of patience and optimism – and always having a Plan B!

We’ve started the pack-out prep – divesting ourselves of some ‘stuff’ that we managed to accumulate here; watching the airfares; trying to make some decisions on what to possibly mail back Stateside vs schlepping with us, etc.

I will say one thing, we came to Bpacked-outelize prepared, but we didn’t need half of what we brought along. Partly because our circumstances changed from the original plan, but mostly because we didn’t know what we were doing. If/when we continue house-sitting, we’ll have a much better idea of what to take along. Like this guy, left, who posted his complete house-sit pack-out on a FB page dedicated to house-sitting.

Meanwhile, rainy season comes and goes. Lately, it goes. Took this pic of the weather thermometer yesterday morning. The emoticon between the indoor temp and the humidity says it all.


We’ve been having fun with scorpions on the back patio lately. My guess is they’re going for that ten degrees of extra coolness inside like we are. Ray’s been lucky enough to find them all – one on the underside of a towel hanging on the shower rod in the guest bath (which is off the patio) – be careful before you get out of the shower, apparently. Also a tiny one that Ray nearly stepped on one evening. And the large black one he could see even  in the dim of pre-sunrise and graciously saved to share with me when I woke up a few hours later (it was dead, but really, not necessary, honey).

Anyway – September flew by and I suspect October is going to go even faster. As much as we’re ready to move on, we’re going to miss Belize. We’re already feeling a little twinge now and then as we see something like the middle-aged man we saw on a bike in Progresso the other day, steering carefully with one hand along the potholes as he held a sleepy, sweaty infant tucked up against his shoulder. The simple life…


3 thoughts on “Countdown to…?

  1. Christine says:

    Wishing you all the best for wherever you end up and in your move there! Will you continue to blog about your new adventures? 🙂


  2. jgambill21 says:

    Thanks! Yes, will probably keep blogging but may change to a different format for a new place. 🙂


    • Christine says:

      Awesome! I really love your writing and living vicariously through your adventures. I guess you will have to pick some place that rhymes with “tease”… 😉
      A Tease of ________ ???
      (Hmmm… that’s a hard one now that I think about it…)


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