Rumors of rain

There’s a disturbance in the Gulf and a forecast calling for 80%, 90%, even 100% rain this week. To refresh your geography, Belize is the small country located just to the left of the large mass of yellow weather in the center of the screen below. So exciting!

doppler image

Almost as exciting, yesterday afternoon we witnessed a mass migration of army ants – see what I mean here. From out of the forest, they trailed around either side of the house, front and back, marching, marching, marching, single-file and single-minded. Fortunately, said migration remained OUTSIDE of the house, and also fortunately, no ants remain on the premises today.

The locals say that ant migrations means the rain is coming, that the ants know it is time to move to higher ground; my other source, Google, says they move regularly, every 3-5 weeks. You can believe whichever version you like.

Regardless – holy hallelujah, this morning, all the parrots got quiet, thunder rumbled, and look what rolled in.


Sheets of rain! A deluge of rain! A rolling, roiling cascade of rain! The temperature on the stand-up thermometer lost four degrees in less than a minute. YAY! The rain is here! The rain is here!

Oh wait, the rain was here, and gone…


We’re back to watching the mercury rise, trying to console ourselves with the lame platitude that what goes up must come down. Which should relate to temperatures and rain drops. Just not, apparently, today.


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