Putting things in perspective

I saw two recent posts on Facebook that got me thinking today. First,our friends Donna & Enrique posted this today and I’m glad they did, because it’s something I’ve neglected to mention about living in Belize.

belize-kidsThis is so true, of so many Belizean families we’ve met or even just observed: Truly some of the friendliest, tidiest kids I have ever seen. And not just here locally – it seems the rule all over the country, including even some of the poorest villages we’ve encountered in our travels: Belizean kids are almost always well-dressed, well-behaved, and well-spoken.

And that’s especially impressive with a family like this one where there’s a lot of mouths to feed, bodies to dress, and personalities to nurture (as third youngest of nine siblings, I may have a better sense than most about that).

Especially when you consider that the average Belizean villager probably makes between $2,000-$3,000 a year (yes, a year) – and typically they earn that pay, often with long hours at physical jobs that most of us would not want to do. In addition, many families have land that (in their free time) they farm for fruits and vegetables, and/or poultry or livestock to maintain.

So life may not be easy, and these families may not always have what they want; but I’ll bet they find ways to always have what they need, and they seem happier with a simple life than so many of us with our complicated ones.

The other post was by our daughter’s friends, who shall remain nameless (and not picking on you, K & P, this was funny to read but does make my point):


Traveling / experiencing another culture is definitely mind-opening, in much the same way as our brief experience living off the grid was. I’m convinced both should be a requirement for every American at some point in their lives.

It really is one of the gifts of this experience, that I can appreciate so much, so much more these days (and in that spirit, thanks for the photo swipes below to  The Bamboo Chicken Farm (top) and Maya Ventures (bottom).




10 thoughts on “Putting things in perspective

  1. Christine says:

    What a wonderful post. This is one of the things I loved so much about Belize.
    “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”


  2. Donna Flores says:

    wonderfully put my friends


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  4. jmitchem says:

    Great post. Really great. Thank you for sharing.


    • jgambill21 says:

      Hey Jim, I appreciate your comment. I’ve been noticing your posts on Linked In. Just curious as to how things are going with your move to Belize (you were exploring locations) and what about the container bar idea? I’ve got your blog bookmarked for a read, and Happy (Belated) Birthday too! Ciao – jackie


      • jmitchem says:

        Thanks. Well, the move is delayed. Life here is very hectic, and all the cosmic tumblers haven’t clicked into place. That said, we’re still very interested. I still believe we’ll end up there in some capacity, and after visiting a few locations this summer, we’re still kind of hooked on Caye Caulker. The container bar thing is still an idea I’m pursuing in wide-scale distribution (via an internet portal where I can sell the concept), but getting anything on the Cayes will be tough unless I partner with a resort. It’s a small footprint, but I’d really love to have a living-breathing case study I could run while living there. Sigh.

        Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yeah, 50 is a big one. (but not as big as I once thought)


  5. jgambill21 says:

    Love that expression “cosmic tumblers”! Having to wait sucks, but in our experience anyway, the best results usually come when we don’t force the issue (easier said than done, sometimes).

    Have you ever considered starting your container bar with a mainland Belize location? Not nearly as much fun as it would be out on the cayes, but may be more workable – just a thought…


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