Bits & Pieces

The hot, slow summer rolls on. Though there’s been showers off and on lately, the normal daily weather here does not seem to resemble anything called “rainy season.” The locals say last year it started early and seemed to last forever, so I suppose I should be viewing this as a good thing.

I do try, while never straying far from my trusty (and well-used) sweat towel. Which, by the way, is equally handy for wiping eye goop – not sure I’ve heard anyone else discuss this (in person here or online in other blogs) but our eyes are working WAYYY overtime on that problem here in Belize – probably another by-product of this long dry season and all the dust blowing around off the back roads.

Yes, I’m whining, and I know it. Moving on…

Here’s a couple of things that caught our eye recently on trips into town. Like this hearse that was tucked away in a garage below a funeral parlor on one of the main streets.


Below, another example of “use what you’ve got” – in this case, stick engineering, anyone? This is a very common construction sight here.


The other day we saw our first “bush dog” – a tayra, technically – which ran across one of the back roads we were traveling. It’s in the weasel family and has that slinky way of moving.


forest rabbit

brown jay

A new bird seems to be hanging close to the house lately – it’s a Brown Jay but I prefer its Latin name, piam piam, which is so much more fun. Fat little guys, very inquisitive. And they seem to enjoy Margaritaville Radio as much as we do.

Ray also saw “the largest rabbit he’s ever seen” in our front yard the other night (since I didn’t see it, I asked him if its name was Harvey – ha ha ha. I crack myself up). But there is a large-ish Forest Rabbit in our Belize field guide so I suppose that’s what it was.

That’s it. All I’ve got right now. Except: If you have rain, send it this way. Please.

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