Sunday rounds

Well, it appeared that it wasn’t going to rain yesterday so we gave up wishing for it and decided to make our regular run over to the beach to check out the property, run the water / power briefly, etc. So we’re over there, and guess what rolls in?


The funny part was the view out to the bay was still this (though not for long)…


So we headed over to Cerros Beach Resort for a beer or two with Bill and Jenny, and the rain came (woo hoo on both counts). And then two bedraggled boaters from Corozal put in at the dock (Gwyn from the Seabreeze Hotel with a friend) and they joined us for a round or two to celebrate not having been electrocuted.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I sampled some of Bill’s homemade pineapple wine, which was delicious, and I think based on my later state, maybe a little potent.

That, or maybe I should have been counting the Belikins I was having and stopped at some reasonable number.

Instead, eventually we said goodbye to this crew and headed on down the road to visit Donna and Enrique at Suena Del Mar.


Samson and Hot Dog had to say hello while Temper looked on from behind. Better shot of Samson, below. He’s a sweetie.


Hector’s daughter Julissa works there, and today her younger sister Shaely had joined her, and it was fun to see everybody. We haven’t been there in a while so it was time to catch up.


It’s amazing how much fun you can have around here pretty much doing nothing but hanging out.



Watching Samson and Hot Dog fighting over a stick, as usual (and Temper ignoring them, as usual).


A Belizean family was out enjoying the beach. They’d left this baby asleep in one of the hammocks, so when she woke up, she was a little bewildered (“you’re not my mama”). So cute…


Oh, no, out of beer. Ray and Donna signal for the waitresses…

ray-and-donna…but the girls are otherwise occupied at the moment. Ha! Busted trying to take a break.


I say I’ve probably had enough anyway, but Enrique twists my arm…


So, one more round, but that’s IT. It’s time to go home. We know, because Julissa brings the bill.


Thanks, friends in Belize. We needed a day like this one!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday rounds

  1. Donna Flores says:

    This made us laugh our heads off !!!! Just as we remember it, ha ha ha


  2. Perry Chow says:

    Looks like you’re livin’ like a local. Sure is nice to have days like this. No Worries.


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