San Pedro to Corozal flight pics

We got an added kick out of this visit to San Pedro when the flight home went east out over the beach this time. So pretty!




flyover4 flyover5 flyover6Flew right over Blackadore Caye (love that name, sounds very pirate-y) – owned by Leonardo diCaprio, but the Four Seasons Hotel development he supposedly has planned there has not yet materialized…In fact, I don’t think anything has materialized yet there.


And back over the salt marsh coastline of the mainland. Had a bit of turbulence this time as we came off the water, it was a much bumpier ride from this point in to Corozal.


The narrow strait here is where the Laguna Seca ferry crosses; that’s Copper Bank village to its left.


And here’s a look east up the Orchid Peninsula (which we’ve taken to calling Cerros Point, ourselves). The bump at the arrow is the Cerros Maya ruins, so the Cerros beach property we care-take is just to its right – yeah, in all that jungle.

cerros-pointAnd here’s the snaky twist of the New River as it deposits into Corozal Bay (that bump at right is again the Mayan ruins).

new-riverMuch lower over the New River ferry this time.


Corozal coming into view…


A short wait at baggage claim (ie, the airline guys unload the small amount of luggage from the cargo area of the plane and load it onto a wheeled cart, then pull it a few yards away from the plane where you can collect it) – – then back to the very steamy truck we left in airport parking (ie, five or six slots in front of the terminal).

Onto the Northern Highway heading back toward Corozal, then the turn at the ferry road. The bumping and grinding (not to mention swearing) begins – that’s right, we’re driving the local back road. But there’s good news, too: The ferry was on our side of the river, and we were first on – woo hoo (it always feels weird to fly over it, and then get on it)…


…and then we drive the rest of the bumpy, dusty, hot-hot-hot road to Progresso and, finally, home.

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5 thoughts on “San Pedro to Corozal flight pics

  1. Christine says:

    I just spent a week in Belize (Placencia) and one of my favorite experiences was looking down out the window of the little Maya Air plane (and getting to ride in the copilot seat!). These are great shots, thanks for sharing them!


    • jgambill21 says:

      Hey Christine, thanks for letting me know that you like this post. I love flying and these little puddlejumpers are fun ways to get around (usually).

      I’m also glad you mentioned that it was hard to find the first post, because it made me realize I must have accidentally deleted the widget to direct folks to Archived Posts (and I have added it back in; you should be able to see it at the bottom of individual posts – makes it a little easier to follow along, doesn’t it?:)

      When you get a chance, let me know your thoughts on Placencia. That was originally where we thought we might land (but then we found San Pedro)…but we may be going back to the Placencia area to see a few places we missed along the way.


      • Christine says:

        I can’t say enough good things about Placencia! Of course, this was my first time ever in Belize and I didn’t stay in any other locations to compare it to. But Placencia was just wonderful, really charming with a lot of character. A little bit touristy with some gift shops, etc., but it still felt like you were in a real village/town that wasn’t just in existence because of tourism. Of course, the beach and water are beautiful, but what sticks out most in my mind thinking about it now is simply how friendly and laid back everybody was. There was just a genuine “ever’y ting ahrite, mon” vibe to the place. 🙂
        As you love flying, too, it would be worth the ticket price just to land and take off from the little airport there. The airstrip is right next to the water and the road and they have a crossing arm guard thing that comes down like we have in the U.S. for trains, but it’s for when planes are taking off or landing.
        Also, there is traditional Garifuna music and dancing on Wed evenings at the Tipsy Tuna, which is right on the beach, if you are into that sort of thing.
        Anyway, if you are already right there in Belize, you definitely need to check out Placencia! 🙂
        Thanks for adding the widget back; I’ve never actually tried to find the very first post on a blog before, so I just figured that scrolling was how it worked.


  2. jgambill21 says:

    Went one better and added a page link on the menu bar where you can go directly to each post in the blog. Hope that helps!


    • Christine says:

      Wow, you are really going to town for me, thanks! All I need now is a one way ticket to Belize and permanent residency and I will be all set! LOL 😉


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