Research Day

As usual, Ray was up to see the sunrise. I got to see this picture of it later – which, as far as I’m concerned, is as good as seeing it in real time (better, actually, since I don’t have to get out of bed).


The plan for the day was to rent a golf cart and check out some rental properties we’d been researching (and hey, check out the good-looking driver I got!).


By the time we finished breakfast (at Estelle’s, natch – it’s so good!), traffic was already crazy: Taxis, golf carts, scooters and ped-estrians all doing the dodge and weave along those narrow streets.

We headed south first through some neighbor-hoods we didn’t know existed, bumping along on the typically bad side streets. Of four properties, one seemed a possibility, though it’s still too early for us to commit to anything (and not going to jinx by revealing it). The unit under consideration, though, is 2B, which I thought could be auspicious… 2B or not 2B? 🙂

We headed back to the hotel for AC recovery before heading out again, this time north over the bridge, where we found another property we’re potentially interested in (again no commitment, but we exchanged info with the property manager so we can check back in a few months and see where things stand then).

Passed a few bars on this side of the island with humorous signs.


And since I’d seen the Grand Caribe condos on House Hunters International, I convinced Ray to stop there long enough for me to grab a panoramic picture. Very pretty place (and a great pool) but unfortunately it’s not a rental property.



Feeling pretty good about our day’s venture, we stopped at the Palapa Bar before we headed back to town – we’d visited here on a previous trip, though it hadn’t been open then. What a fun place!



All kinds of interesting signage and signatures around the bar. My two favorites were:
1) If your thighs touch, you’re already one step closer to being a mermaid        LOL
2) Find your true desire. The universe will conspire to help you achieve it – Paulo Coehlo


These guys invited us to join them on a shot stick (we already had our draft Belikins and passed).


And this crew was just jumping in and out of the innertubes (dog included).


First place I’ve found in Belize that does cheese sticks, and they were awesome.


AND they were broadcasting Margaritaville! Our kind of place – could have stayed there for hours. Hated to leave, actually, but we wanted to get back before dark. A parting image from the lower level.


Back at the hotel, we ordered dinner from the poolside restaurant. Here I am, apparently lost in thought, famished, and/or too hot to notice I’m on Candid Camera.


After we finished, Ray went upstairs and I headed out along the beach with my camera. It was just the right time of day for some great photos.


Workers had been re-planking this pier all day. Unfinished, it looks like a bridge to nowhere…


Me at the end of the dock, looking back at our hotel…


And here’s Ray on our balcony keeping an eye on me (hey, you never know, I could have been accosted by Coco Loco again – or fell off the end of that pier).


I followed the frigates to these nearby fishermen gutting their catch on an over-water cleaning table.


Which meant the stingrays were back again, too…this time in force (I counted eight of ’em).


A little further north on the beach, and I captured this beautiful shot to close out the evening. Ahhh…did I say how much we love this place?!


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One thought on “Research Day

  1. Karen C says:

    What a great day of fun. I love the pictures.


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