Back to La Isla Bonita

So we’re packing for the trip to San Pedro, and I’m thinking I packed pretty well – right? That’s my stuff on the left. Yeah, well, clearly, I know nothing about packing. Sheez. Next time Ray’s packing my suitcase too.


Onward. 9 AM flight to San Pedro, and here I am running through my pre-flight checks with the pilot (just kidding, though I did get to fly in the co-pilot seat – very cool).


On the way out, Ray caught a nice flyover pic of the Cerros peninsula. The cut & wide pool at about mid-photo are part of a seemingly-stalled development called Mayan Bay Estates (we suspect the resident croc may live in that pool). The other spot of civilization (just above MBE) is the settlement of several homes (including the beach property we care-take) plus Bill and Jenny’s Cerros Beach Resort. On the opposite side is a more active development, Cerros Sands. And the Cerros Maya ruins are just out of frame, below all this.


Home sweet (sometime) home at the yellow arrow, below. The roof of the blue house is visible, the yellow house is further in and harder to spot.


This was my view of the propellors and instruments.


And of Ray behind me.


We nailed the landing at San Pedro airport (see video posted on Facebook page). Busy place – as the pilot swung us around on the tarmac, I snapped three flights that had been waiting for us to clear the runway, now heading west into the wild blue (the two already in the sky look like white birds here).


On previous visits, we’d stayed on the beach just north of town, so we thought we’d try a place a little closer to the center this time. Here’s the view from our balcony at the Sunbreeze Suites – overlooking the water taxi dock this way…


a dive dock the other way…


…with a view of the pool, too. Settled at hotel – check.


Next stop…


…Fido’s for calamari and beer. Ahhhh. It doesn’t get much better than this…


It was still hot, but sooooo much more pleasant out on the island than in the jungle (how hot was it? you ask: So hot that I am pretty sure that my ear wax was melting – no joke). So, after lunch we headed back to the hotel to thoroughly enjoy the AC that we’d left on full-blast.

Ray noticed a fisherman cleaning fish on the dock, bringing around the stingrays again.


After the AC break, we headed downstairs to the pool.


Note pool rule #6. Apparently enough of a problem here that they feel obliged to document it?!


I heard some people at the poolside bar talking about stingrays in the water again, so I headed that way and in short order was targeted by this guy, who introduced himself as Coco Loco.


We’d seen him before, he has a little shanty of sorts further along the beach where he carves coconuts and stuff. I figured he was going to hit me up for some money but he said no, he was going to make me a grasshopper, for free, here, hold this. So I took the palm fronds he asked me to hold and watched him create this little piece of art for me. Then he explained that if I wanted a hat like his (um – no), then yes, he would charge me, but the grasshopper, no, for you, free.


Ray got out of the pool long enough to assess that I was okay, then went back to watching me from the pool, shaking his head. I always seem to attract ’em. What can I say? It’s my magnetic personality.

Eventually we’d had enough sun and headed back upstairs. A pretty Mayan woman and her equally pretty friend or sister were working the vendor table below our balcony, with their adorable little kids running all over the place.



mayansThe littlest one just couldn’t resist the water and eventually was covered in sand from head to foot. So cute!

mayan-kidsBusy spot on the beach, here. The water taxis came and went all day (small ones for around island and the two big ferries to Caye Caulker). And every time a fishing boat came in, it was frigate feeding time.


Also a very pretty spot to take pictures as dusk fell…Love, love, love this place!



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