Mid-summer doldrums

It’s been insufferably hot and muggy for the last several weeks – though we did get rain (even thunder and lightning!) the other night, which was a welcome relief, except it also took the power with it (must specify desires, next time).

This may be the longest stretch we’ve had yet in Belize without up and going somewhere, and our travel trigger fingers are feeling pretty itchy. Went to Orange Walk yesterday on a grocery run and that helped a little (okay, and the oversize soft serve cones we treated ourselves to at Western Dairies helped A LOT). 🙂

I’m pretty sure the real cure, though, will involve a trip to San Pedro.

san pedro aerial

Yup, this place. Just thinking about it makes us feel better. So – that’s coming soon. Very soon.

In the meantime, though, at just more than half-past our committed time here, we’ve been doing a little bit of  review and also beginning to think about what may be ahead.

The review part is easy: Hands down, we’ve been having a wonderful time in Belize. The only disappointment – and some might say we’re crazy to call this a disappointment – is that we haven’t been able to work on the blue house at the Cerros property – a project that’s stalled and may not be resolved before our time here ends. We had actually been looking forward to tackling the ‘finish’ details on the house together for the pure physicality of it, and because we make a good team on projects. It’s a beautiful place, and I would love to see what it looks like, complete and fully furnished.


There’s still time, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed about that one; and in the meantime, we’ve kept busy with other projects – for me, keeping this blog, revisiting the principles of website design, and lots of reading; for Ray, stock day-trading and other Internet pursuits, perfecting bread dough (bless him), and – gasp! – push-mowing the lagoon house lawn. We’ve recalibrated to the speed of life here and most days we’re content.

We’ve also managed to get to many of the places in Belize that we most hoped to see; but with just a few more months on our known timetable, we’re thinking of what we still hope to do.

Howler_Monkey_Alouatta_monotypic_2Close to home, there’s the Lamanai ruins that would be fun to visit (the river tour there usually involves interaction with howler monkeys, something we haven’t experienced yet except at the zoo – we didn’t see them there, only heard them hidden in their ‘habitat’). Thanks for the photo swipe, Delange family.


The rum distillery tour in Belize City sounds fun, too. Ditto to My Beautiful Belize.com.

We could always make that return trip to Placencia, and while we’re at it, get to experience a little bit of the Toledo district with a visit to Punta Gorda, in the way, way south. Maybe at the same time, we could swing through the Sittee River area near Hopkins, since we missed that too, and we hear it’s a popular ex-pat spot.

And we definitely want to see more of Mexico – especially Tulum and Carmen del Playa, which look gorgeous – and if we do get there, must get to this aquatic park:


Who knows? Maybe we’ll even foray into other Central American countries, if we get to feeling really adventurous.

If all that’s unclear, it’s even less clear what we’ll do past November. At the moment, there seem to be possibilities for us to stay on at either of the properties we’ve committed to, though that may change between now and then. Maybe we’ll try out living on San Pedro – which would involve more expense, but would give us a true sense of whether or not we could make a go of things there. If another house-sit comes up (who knows where), we just might have to jump. Or are we ready to head back to the States, where we’d probably invest in an RV and tour at least Florida and the Southeast, if not further afield?

Hard to say, especially while sweat drips off your face on a day hot enough to make your brain feel like ripe papaya. I think the answer is: Here we come, San Pedro. We’ll be on the plane tomorrow.

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