New normal

ferryWe’ve been in Belize long enough now – almost four months – to have become a bit blase about some of the things that struck us as so different when we were first arrived (ie, the hand-cranked ferry is less a marvel and more how you get to Corozal, etc).

But every once in a while something still manages to remind us that – pinch – we are IN BELIZE. Especially when we experience new geography and activities like the recent trip to Cayo, but sometimes it’s just little things that make us remember they do things charmingly differently here.

Some examples:
Jam Rock, a favorite local watering hole in Corozal, keeps a push mower in the ladies room. Well, there is room for it.

In San Pedro, we saw a guy carting a huge Evinrude boat motor down the beach in a wheelbarrow – one way to get it to the repair shop, I guess.

And I could do a whole blog post on the things people on bicycles carry. I’ve seen someone pull out of Cinty’s with a 50 pound bag of concrete mix balanced on the crossbar in front of them. A mom riding with three small kids (littlest one in the bike basket, middle one in front of Mom on the bar, the oldest one in back of Mom riding the foot pedals). A guy with either handlebar balancing gigantic bags of fruit. Guys with weed eaters slung over one shoulder. A guy with a full-size Coleman cooler between his legs.

A good reminder to use what you have, however you can. 🙂

Took me a few days but I finally solved a new bird mystery: What makes the sort of contented chuckling call heard here? It’s a Black-headed Trogon, and we must have had a lot of them nearby recently. Thanks for the photo, Internet Bird Collection site.


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