Life at the lagoon

We spend a lot of our time here out on the huge screened-in patio facing the lagoon. A good place for computing, since it’s the coolest place in the house with the breeze and overhead fans…



It’s also a pretty good place to knead bread dough…


….and it’s the best place to keep tabs on what’s happening just outside.

The past two weeks, we’ve been inundated by a flock of parrots (Hector suggested it may be nesting season?). Mornings and evenings, they’ve been swooping across the yard chattering and squawking and carrying on like little flying hyenas. We have yet to get close enough to take a photograph like the one below (yup, pilfered off the web), but these look pretty much like the parrots we see – short tails, colorful faces – except multiplied.

parrots 3 amigo

A few mornings the chacalacas have joined the parrot fray (or maybe that should be bray), which made Ray remark that it sounded “just like the Barneses talking over each other” (which is true, we are that loud and interruptive when we are all together).

And new things are always blooming around the property…



Or I just come across something photo-worthy, like this plumeria blossom that fell perfectly onto a fountain out front…


…or this iridescent Blue Morpho butterfly, which is actually fairly common here.

blue morpho butterflybread

It’s like seeing the world with new eyes. Makes us take a break from the technology much more often than we used to – which means we can give our full attention to other things too – like fresh bread. Yum!


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