Fly Rasta

Ray’s been watching a group of toucans (more technically, Collared Aracaris) at play in nearby trees recently and happened to notice this little guy on one of the lowest branches of a tree right outside the back patio.


Surprisingly, he stayed put when Ray went outside to take a few photos. Not sure if he fell out of a nest and couldn’t get back, or just not sure of himself to fly yet?


Since Radio Margaritaville has been playing Ziggy Marley’s Fly, Rasta a lot lately, we immediately christened¬†him – yes, Rasta. What a cutie.


Ray got braver and closer. Thought about picking him up but not too sure about that beak…


He – and some adults who were feeding him – hung out in that tree most of the day. Little guy could fly, but he mostly hopped around the lower branches and waited for his food to arrive on the wing. Next day they were gone. So cool!

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