Party Like A LobSTAR!

Saturday night was the big Lobsterfest block party in San Pedro’s town square, featuring the usual streetside arts & crafts vendors as well as restaurant booths serving lobster in all varieties (dishes and booth decor to be judged by an esteemed group of locals) – plus live music by a steel pan band, the Pannerifics, and the headliner Supa G.


lobster-grills-and-menuWe walked through all the booth areas first, checking out the offerings and taking in the sights. These guys from the AIDS commission booth (which won best booth) were working some serious dance moves.


Is this a Parrothead contingent passing through? (note the headgear)


cute-belizean-kidray-sampling-the-goodsRay decided to start with a grilled lobster tail and a side of ceviche. I was distracted by this cute little Belizean toddler running around under our feet.

In fact, kids everywhere. The Catholic church nearby had just finished hosting “graduation” which must have been for either kindergardeners or first graders – adorable little girls in what I thought at first were Communion dresses & the little boys duded out in suits.

ray-sampling-the-goods-againRay tried Lobster Pops next, which I thought were very good (he thought only so-so).

This little girl thought she was leading the band.











More and more people streamed in…


The Nemo twins were keeping the beer flowing…


…while the judges were hard at work…


A fun time, but eventually we had enough of the crowd and decided not to stick around for the headliner (who may have been a rapper? we weren’t sure). So one more stop at Fido’s on the way back to the hotel, then on to the pool…

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