Scenes around San Pedro Town

A beautiful day beginning on San Pedro…


Saw this on the beach…


stingray-with-fishermenSure, you saw the fish – but did you notice this guy, too?

stingrayThe bar next to the Blue Tang was hosting a local anniversary party with two guys playing guitar – we sat on the picnic table in the beach area and had a listen and watched the crazy people. Almost like a Buffett tailgate!


A funny incident our second night there. We were at Wet Willy’s looking for a place to sit, and and some guy right next to where we are standing leans forward and says, “Is your name Ray?” Remember there’s already been two improbable “Hey Ray” moments in Belize? So I’m like, okay, how did you [Ray] manage to pay this guy to ask you, but then he goes on: “Ray Gambill? I used to work for you in Grooms like twenty years ago. Tony, Tony Demas.” The guy fricking actually knows him! You gotta be kidding me. That made the night…

And this view from the Pineapple Bar in Ramon’s Village – so pretty!



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