San Pedro, Again

Lobsterfest gave us an excuse to visit San Pedro again – didn’t want to miss the party, you know, just in case we aren’t here for next year’s.

Got some new views flying Maya Island Air this time. Here’s Laguna Seca from 2500 feet, with Copper Bank village on the right, and the village of Chunox at upper left.

1 copper-bank-aerial

And the marshy coast of Belize as we left it for open water.

2 coastline-of-belize

We settled at our hotel (Ocean Tide this time)…

3 jackie-on-tides-balcony

…then headed to Fido’s for a double draft Belikin.

6 double-draft-at-fidos

Their resident (and clearly immodest) cat was taking a leisurely sun bath near our table.

7 resident-cat-at-fidos

We took a stroll through town, where festival signs and flags were up and flying.

8 lobsterfest-sign-on-street3

And I just love these Isla Bonita maps with fish toppers that are all over town.

11 lsla-bonita-fish-signs

We strolled back down the beach to Wet Willy’s for some lunch and to take in the beautiful day.

12 wet-willys-1

13 wet-willys-2

14 ray-at-wet-willys

Then returned to the hotel and decided it wasn’t going to work out for us after all, since the AC had barely kicked in, the pool looked like it had issues, and generally we weren’t thrilled with the room. Ray went to chat with the manager – she acknowledged the new owners are still working to overcome some problems and was very nice about refunding our payment, even offering us a ride down the beach to the Blue Tang Inn, which had a room open.


So we resettled in there and hit the pool for the afternoon, where we met hotel guests from Texas and Louisiana who were enjoying their first visit to Belize and had fun swapping stories with them.


This place is just too fricking beautiful. Love love love it here…

4 beach-view

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