Bits & Pieces

Just when we’ve been beginning to feel less on “critter alert” here at the lagoon house (yup, mistake!), Ray found this little visitor on the back porch area early one morning.

The homeowners of the lagoon property told us about the orioles that like to visit their windows. One of these guys usually wakes me up every morning tapping on the glass (the first time I heard it, I wondered if something had gotten trapped in a drawer).


And we have been having fun watching the hummingbirds, especially now that Ray moved the feeder to the back yard so we can watch from the patio, where we spend most of our time anyway. Discovered this “cinnamon” variety.


Just turn left at the Jesus House (this is in Copper Bank)…


It’s right down the road from the (??really??) Eminem house (this one’s in Orange Walk).

eminem-houseDSCN0360AND A SAD NOTE: RIP, CAT
Sadly, we’ve lost the little cat that adopted us. Something must have got him in the forest while he was out on his usual overnight ramble; Ray found his body one morning, further out on the property than he usually roamed.

Guess it really is “a jungle out there, kitty” – but at least he was fed well and had a home with us for a while. We’ll miss him.

One thought on “Bits & Pieces

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