Back to Belize

Left Mahahual the next morning, after a quick stop near the light house to take a picture of La Pez, this fish artwork constructed entirely from plastic bottles that were collected along the beach. There seems to be a concerted effort both in Mexico and Belize to be better stewards of the planet, which is refreshing.


Had a leisurely drive back to the border and decided to check out the Cenote Azul (essentially, “blue hole”) tourist attraction along the way. A cenote is a limestone sinkhole, fairly common on the Yucatan peninsula.

We turned off the road and headed down a funky little byway along the Bacalar Lagoon, which like the Mahahual beaches, had incredibly rich variations of blue-green water.


Most of the properties along the road looked private (a few looked fortified), but there were some hostels and hotels, too. Eventually we decided we must have missed a turn-off or something, so we turned back toward the highway.


Brilliant orange mayflower trees are in bloom everywhere right now – not sure this picture does the color justice, which was especially striking against the blues of the lagoon.

Noticed this sign, which I figured at first meant Restrooms Ahead; then I saw the figures were holding hands, so I thought Unisex Restrooms Ahead?. Then I realized the female figure had a veil, so apparently (ohhhh) there was a wedding chapel ahead. And now you know: If you’re on the Cenote Azul road and you feel like getting married, it’s only 50 meters ahead. You’re welcome.

We were almost all the way back to the highway, and of course right there in front of us was a very large sign for Cenote Azul which we had completely missed – understandably, since vegetation was covering a good part of it. Oh well. By God, now we were stopping.


They let us in at the gate for ten pesos each (about 50 cents) and we followed a stone path to a restaurant and the cenote itself. It did look like a nice swimming hole, and the water was very clear, but otherwise it was not particularly interesting.

ray-at-the-cenote-azul cenote-azul-swimmer

However, it was lunchtime and the World Cup was on, so we decided to have a beer. As it turned out, Mexico was playing Cameroon, and we were there for the exciting single goal scored by Mexico! Many animated cheers from the lunchtime crowd.


ray-at-cenote-restaurantRay – always more adventurous than me – decided to order from the Spanish-only menu, although all he was sure of was that what he chose had chicken in it. He enjoyed whatever it was.

I meanwhile waited for our ride back through Chetumal for my lunch. Yup, needed a Quarter Pounder and some real fries. It was delish.

crime-scene-evidenceNo problems getting back over the border, and soon enough we were shake, rattle and rolling down Belize roads back to the house again. A nice little getaway!

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One thought on “Back to Belize

  1. Perry Chow says:

    It’s nice to be able to go to Mexico for a day or two. Can’t wait for us to get together so I can show you some of the sites in Chet. Some great places on the bay. On Wed., Consejo has a boat that goes over for the day. $20BZ for the trip + $7.50BZ for the environment tax at immigration. Nice day trip.


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