Rain, rain, rain

Rainy season has arrived in Belize. After a couple of days cooped up in the house, I made a break for it while we could see a bit of blue sky. The rain held off  just long enough for me to get in a 2 mile walk, where I was joined by this cow again (at least I presume it’s the same one?). He actually came galloping at me when he saw me, which made me wonder what I was going to do if he, like, head-butted me or something. But he only feinted and went on ahead, watching me warily again.

001The only other news to share is that I must have stumbled into some sort of poison ivy-like plant somewhere – possibly when I stepped off-road to take pictures on my bike ride the other day, or who knows where.

It started as a patch of itchy postules on my upper arm that I thought at first was ant bites and scratched. I also had a mosquito bite that had been bugging me for a few days, right on the curve where my upper thigh meets my butt, and must have scratched it too, and well…yeah.

Ray has been highly amused. I have been less so. Jungle Rot Jackie is not a funny name when you’re in pain. Okay, it is, but I haven’t been in the mood to admit it.

After Googling many possible remedies, I finally settled on baking soda paste and calamine lotion for relief. I’m tan enough now for this combination to make me look like I have Michael Jackson’s skin disease, but it does seem to be getting better, finally.

If this is the price for life in a tropical paradise, I’m still in. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain

  1. […] the poisonwood or che-chen tree, which is surprisingly beautiful. If not painful to harvest. If you’re me, anyway. Some people say it doesn’t bother them at all. Yeah, whatever. Those people […]


  2. […] reasons, notably 1 – nothing much happening to blog about, and 2 – a second #%$#!@ che-chen uprising for me. I am apparently highly allergic to the stuff; after a week or so of irritability, […]


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