Rainy day in Orange Walk

The immediate forecast is calling for a lot of rain, so we went to town yesterday to stock up on groceries, in preparation of either not wanting to leave the house or not being able to leave the house (due to worse roads than normal).

It wasn’t the best day for photographs, but we took some anyway.


This is the main town square – which in Belize usually means a clock tower. One thing I like about Orange Walk is that it’s very colorful.


Our first stop is usually at the bank. ATMs here are little enclosed booths where you can enter and do your transactions in private. There is always a bank guard outside, which is reassuring – and he can also be very helpful if you need directions. The ATM area here (and usually the one in Corozal too) tends to be a place where beggars sit on the steps and hope you’ll hand over some of that cash you just collected (notice the guy beside the group of Mennonites – he had just moved back in out of the rain).


While Ray was collecting cash, I noticed something going on at the Catholic school next door. It appeared to be an outdoor assembly of some sort, because someone with a microphone was leading the kids in prayer (in Spanish), then seemed to be making announcements. Maybe they were asking the owner of the wheelbarrow parked in front of school to please come and collect it.

catholic-schoolSignage in Belize can be so amusing. I don’t know if these are Chinese shop owners who are trying to be hip with their English, but here we have the AMIGO TAIWAN STORE beside the HAPPY STORE (not to be confused with the FRIENDSHIP STORE down the street). And in some instances, it’s really good – as in the NAKED! Clothing Store, and my personal favorite, the EXCELLENT RESTAURANT right beside the OK RESTAURANT. I wonder how that works out for business.


Dodging raindrops, we wandered around the market area in search of fruits and veggies.


There seemed to be many Mennonites in town (though I think that’s generally truer in Orange Walk than it may be in Corozal) – including Roy Orbison if he was a Mennonite, below (if Roy Orbison as a Mennonite was looking for fish).

DSCN0454Last but not least, below is the new bane of our existence: People’s Store, who have clearly ripped off Publix (the tagline on the side of the store is ‘where shopping is always a pleasure’). People’s is the most ‘American’ store we’ve seen yet – they have brand names we recognize and lots of bad, bad treats that we hadn’t been finding anywhere else and were more or less accepting that we weren’t going to have while we were in Belize. Clearly, we must limit our visits to this store, because we are going to lose weight in Belize.


Yeah, right. And then we stopped for our customary soft-serve cone – well, customary ever since we discovered the little stand off the main road – and had a very delicious raspberry/vanilla twist before we headed back.

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