New walking routine

054So I’ve been slacking on the walk routine but decided to start it back up here in our new surroundings, with a walk up the driveway and out onto the Progresso / Orange Walk road, currently under construction.

If you believe the signs, it was going to be a 13-month project and completed last fall.


Aside: We picked up a Belizean the other day who had all kinds of things to say about the Ministry of  Works, none complimentary. His rant discussion was along the lines that nothing ever seemed to be coordinated: in order to do this, somebody had to sign off on this first, and then somebody has to bring this equipment in but when it gets there, it needs maintenance, and by then it’s time for lunch and all the workers go on break, etc. (apparently, some things are the same everywhere).


So my route here is arguably less adventuresome than at the beach house – the way I see it, less possibility of death by wild animals vs more possibility of death by steamroller.

Even so, a walk’s a walk, and I find ways to keep myself entertained. For instance, my new game is: Snake or Sugarcane? It’s not as fun as you might imagine, though, since (so far at least) it always turns out to be sugar cane.


I also met this fellow all alone in the middle of nowhere, who clearly wondered why I was taking his picture (yeah, I get that a lot).


And I’m not sure what these are – in the States, I’d guess a makeshift memorial where somebody died, but I think here it’s either a mile marker or a survey post, or maybe both.


Maybe I’ll have to start walking the Little Belize road instead and see what kind of adventure I can rustle up over there instead (see previous post). Just kidding, and I should probably cut the Mennonites some slack. In town they seem much friendlier – I’m betting that on their own home turf, they just wondered where in the hell we thought we were going – perhaps if we’d told them “we’re looking for your town,” they would have laughed instead of giving us those looks.

Postscript: Hector has been telling us that some of the Mennonite sects are much less conservative. There’s apparently a group in the Cayo district that (gasp) even races motocross on a regular basis. We’ll have to look for their track when we venture that way and have a beer with them.


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