Wildlife watch at the lagoon

toucan 2We’re seeing some of the same birds over here, but also some new ones – specifically, toucans! A variety known as Collared Aracari, they’re smaller and less neon-bright than the familiar Froot Loop toucan.

They lead with their bills and fly like little torpedoes across the yard, flashing bright patches of red or yellow as they alight somewhere else.
Yucutan Jay

We also see Yucatan Jays along the driveway, which not surprisingly are brash and noisy, but also a very pretty bright blue.

Lots and lots of hummingbirds at the feeder and in among the trees, with their familiar little chit-chits, and butterflies everywhere.

coatimundi in a treeRay swore he saw a monkey down by the water the other morning (in fact, he said that he would kiss my ass if it was not a monkey) – but when we went to investigate, it turned out to be a coatimundi, apparently very nimble in the trees (did not know that about them). No, I did not collect on that bet, although I could have. 🙂

Later that day out driving we saw our first band of coatis – I counted nine as they crossed the road, but that may have been only the stragglers, since there’s supposed to be 15-30 per band.

Truth in advertising: None of these are my pictures. Thanks, other photographers who posted them to the internet so they could also illustrate my story.

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