Heading home

We flew Tropic Air on the way back to the mainland. They have an impressive – and busy – arrival/departure terminal at San Pedro.


We were early so we checked our luggage and headed next door to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar. Fun open-air way to watch the planes come and go.



Time to fly. This trip we got to sit right behind the rookie pilot and his trainer (he did fine).


We came in on a different flight path – over Little Belize (a Mennonite community – more on this in next post) and Progresso Lagoon (where we are staying now) before a turn north to Corozal’s airstrip. For reference, point “A” on the map below is the beach house at Cerros; point “B” is the lagoon house we’re at now (about 30 minutes drive on a good day).



The yellow arrows show about where we are on Progresso Lagoon.


progresso-lagoon-aerial-2A smooth touch down, and back to the truck parked at Maya Air for the ride back home. Can’t wait to go back though…

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One thought on “Heading home

  1. You’re at Cerros? Wow, that takes me back. I climbed to the top of the prymaid at Cerros Maya- beautiful view. Back then there was a lot of thick jungle around- everywhere.


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