San Pedro Day Two

sunrise-blue-tangAfter rising early to check out the view from the Blue Tang’s rooftop (a high point on the island), we headed our rental golf cart north and went over the bridge to explore.

It was too early for the Palapa Bar to be open, but we’d heard about it (a place where they will lower cold beers to you from the top level as you float in innertubes below), so we stopped for some photos there.



As you can see, many others had been there before us – will have to re-visit this one next time.


The north roads are rougher, with wilder vegetation, and resorts and properties are spread further apart than on the southern side (or downtown). We went for a stretch but decided not to keep on, as we needed to get back to check out and move our luggage several properties down the beach to our new hotel (Caye Casa) for the remainder of our stay.

caye-casa-front-viewBeautiful place, and out of the main enough to still have beach traffic go by (which was fun to watch) but not so much that it was ever too loud or annoying. Caye Casa has a small pool, just perfect for a quick soak, and a great beachfront view. Folks there were nice and we had the chance to stay in several of its rooms, so we saw everything from the very wonderful second-floor villa we had booked, to a smaller but still nice ground-floor casita that we tacked on for an extra day’s stay.


caye-casa-interiorcaye-casa-bedroomWe settled in, then walked over to one of the stores (no more golf cart) to collect some groceries and find a pharmacy for Dramamine (for me, on our next day’s snorkel adventure). Along the way found some fun signage:









I felt like016 I was doing a “pill buy” – you pay $1 BZ for each Dramamine, and they bag them for you. I got six, just to be safe.

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One thought on “San Pedro Day Two

  1. […] we stopped at the Palapa Bar before we headed back to town – we’d visited here on a previous trip, though it hadn’t been open then. What a fun […]


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