Off to San Pedro

Last week we flew over to Ambergris Caye – sometimes referred to as San Pedro, though that’s really its main town’s name – and I do believe we have found what we were looking for in Belize.

Go figure that we’d land in Corozal to begin with rather than down south, and then find that what we were expecting in Placencia is actually much closer to “home” after all! We should have guessed from the Jerry Jeff Walker and Kelly McGuire songs we’ve been enjoying for years…San Pedro is every bit as wonderful as they make it sound. Loved loved LOVED it, and hated to leave.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The flight over in a little Cessna from Corozal’s air strip was pretty fun. We were early (planned for wait time at the ferry and breezed right on instead) and had some time to kill in the departure lounge.



Ray also discovered something out front that he was referring to as a jelly bean plant (it DOES look like them) until he asked a Mayan Air employee what it was: a type of pepper tree. Would be fun to convince some unsuspecting kid and watch their reaction when they took a bite, huh?




Time to board. And here’s our pilot doing a flight check.

230A little fly by of Corozal Town as we headed out.

231To give you some sense of things from the air, here’s a Google Earth view. “A” is Corozal airport, “B” is the beach house at Cerros (the off the grid property on the bay).

map-viewThe arrow in the picture below points to the beach property, right next to Cerros Beach Resort. The little bump of land to the right of it is the Cerros Maya ruin.

232And here’s a broader view of the same peninsula. On the opposite side is Cerros Sands, a new development. Left of center, and in the distance, is Progresso Lagoon where we are now staying (more pics of this on return flight post).

234And this is Barracouta Pond and an unnamed sister lake, which you can also see on the Google Earth map.

237Then out over blue water…

008…and a few minutes later, into San Pedro (truth in advertising: not my photograph below)…

san pedro

010A picture-postcard island of sandy beaches, palm trees, friendly folks, eateries with personality (and good food!), quirky bars, and funky little gift stands and shops, where a golf cart or bike can take you anywhere you want to go.


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