A first look around

Even before the plane touched down, we were liking San Pedro – and it just got better and better.

A driver from the Blue Tang Inn (our first overnight) collected us at the airport and navigated the narrow busy streets – all three of them (Front Street, Middle Street, and Back Street) that run north-south along the spine of the island – to the hotel, which was a cool place in a great location.



032Our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we walked down the beach to Jambel Jerk Pit for a snack and took in some of the beach scenery along the way.





After settling in and quick showers, we headed back out for a first order of business: Renting a golf cart for the next 24 hours. While you can walk most of downtown, we wanted to get oriented more quickly, and also to see both the southern end of the island and (the following day) the northern end, which is over a toll bridge and accessible only by bike or golf cart.

Good thing Ray’s already had plenty of experience driving like a Belizean, as the golf cart, taxi, bike, and human traffic on these streets can be unpredictable. We had fun weaving around and trying to take in all the sights too. Here’s a few of them:


The police and fire departments play nice here, apparently.

028It’s like Sturgis for golf carts on most streets…


With some nice big hardware stores…

014And shop owners with a sense of humor. And some typical street scenes for good measure.


010We also drove a pretty good ways south out of downtown, where various resorts and vacation rental properties are, but didn’t take too many photographs that way as the roads were bumpy (and in some places, busy). However, when we flew back out a day or two later, we saw that we’d missed a pretty wide swath of “lagoon side” properties by staying on the main beach road. Will have to check that out next time.

Here’s one for Kayla and Scott, though – – where we turned around, Ray making the Austin Powers move in the golf cart. 🙂


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