Cicadas on crack

CicadaThat’s how someone on a Belize forum referred to cicadas here, and I have to agree.

Ray heard them first one morning at the beach house and thought maybe it was a bird – so he was calling it the alarm clock bird, which he described as starting off as a sort of choke, like a cat with a hairball, that segued into a car alarm. Apparently it was not an effective alarm, or I was just out of it, since I slept through it. But eventually I heard it too, at night after a rain, so I guessed maybe it was a frog.

Eventually we asked Hector about it and he said it was “a bug, out in the bush”. So I started Googling (yeah, of course) and found the video below. Imagine this sound amplified about 100x and that’s cicadas here. They seem more prolific (and closer) in this house.

Alternatively, the sound is also sort of like this critter, so maybe it’s cicadas + what this guy calls “the fire alarm bug”:

Glad I could share this ear-splitting news with you. 🙂


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