Expect the unexpected

Our experience in Belize so far has taught us to go with the flow, as it seems anything can happen next here. Through an oddly serendipitous series of events, we’ve taken on an additional house-sitting arrangement at a property for sale in Progresso Shores, 30 minutes or so from the Cerros beach property.

We moved our belongings this week to enjoy the space, electricity, and well water here (see http://www.belizewaterfrontestate.info for a quick glimpse), while still maintaining the off-the-grid property for its owner under a new agreement.

002004This property is a two acre lot fronting a large lagoon, surrounded by what I’d call forest (vs the more jungle-like terrain at Cerros). In fact, it feels very much like lake living in northern Florida to us. The home is beautifully constructed, with an open layout and healthy square footage (ie, the screen patio alone probably equals the size of the entire house at Cerros).

Orange Walk is closer here than Corozal, so we’ve navigated through the main part of town there to find shops, the bank, the internet office, etc. From our first run, we can already tell that OW offers more variety and larger stores, and I’m sure we’ll figure more things out as we go along.

So – although nowhere near as complicated as our initial settling in at Cerros, we’ve spent the past few days figuring things out here and are feeling pretty comfortable now.

Do I think we could have maintained our off-the-grid lifestyle for another five months? Yes. But electricity from the walls is a really nice thing to have (though being without it has made us very aware of power usage and we’re trying to continue good conservation habits here). And should this place sell or its owners return from their own house-sitting adventure in Mexico, we’ll be back to the beach. In the meantime, though, we’re enjoying this!

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2 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected

  1. Karen C says:

    So is a new fire pit planned yet? I suppose this home has A/C!?


    • jgambill21 says:

      Yes on the fire pit! And yes, two pretty substantial AC units, though with the breeze off the water, not necessary during the day. It’s nice to sleep cool though…


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