Pics to follow up previous stories

I found some pictures on other people’s Facebook pages that belong to stories I’ve already told here. Just thought I’d add them to the mix – enjoy, and thanks to Donna, Eric and Linda for the swipes!

Here’s us at Enrique’s Beach Bar & Botanas one windy afternoon – that’s Donna, Ward (a visitor from Canada checking out the real estate), me, Ray and Enrique.

10151353_612938202128850_8504720489741762813_nAnd here’s us also at Donna and Enrique’s, sampling the very first smoked chicken off the new hearth oven (lucky us!).
11920_620462531376417_1327574223767873902_nAlso at Enrique’s, this is the American military crew with their host Belizean officials that came out to Cerros to try to vaccinate Bill and Jenny’s dogs (when they weren’t successful, they went for lunch at Suena del Mar instead).

Here’s a traffic jam at the New River ferry. You wouldn’t think a bad dirt road would get this busy, huh? I haven’t seen it this way myself, but once when Ray went into town without me – without the camera – he said he waited almost an hour to get across (8-9 cars were already in line when he got there, and at least 6-7 more behind him by the time he got on the ferry).
traffic jam at the ferryAlso that same day, he said the sugar barges had come through, further holding up the ferry’s crossing (they tie up to one side or the other and lower the cables until the tug and barges are through).
sugar barge 1sugar barge 2sugar barge 3sugar barge 4sugar barge 5


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