Not ready to leave the beach…

Our original plan was to stick around a few more days and take in some of the Toledo district with Bob and Pam, but we got antsy and started for home instead.

Since it was on the way, though, we decided to stop in and check out Hopkins Village. After driving through town to its south end, liking the vibe but figuring we wouldn’t stay, we headed back to see what was on the north end, stumbled onto Hopkins Bay Resort, and well … stayed. Hey, they offered 50% off our room rate because we’re “locals” (and it’s low season now), which was too inviting to pass up. What a beautiful place!

IMG_0247The front ddrum-baresk staffer showed us our cottage, which was set back from a pool and the ocean; but since our room wasn’t ready yet, he sent us to the Drum Bar for a complimentary cocktail.

That was a good start, and then it got better.

Apparently the room we’d been assigned was not going to be ready so quickly after all, so they walked us over to the room which would be ours – which was about 20 feet from the ocean and right beside another lovely pool.

No other guests were staying there, so we had access to all of its rooms (3 bedrooms, with a king-size master and queen guest room on the first floor, plus another queen above; and a common living/dining area).

cottage-1This is what it looked like outside…




…and inside.






















Here’s the view from front porch and the pool. So yeah, staying seemed like a pretty good option.





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