A decompression day in Maya Beach

We decided to spend one more day at the Maya Beach Hotel, since it was a wonderful place. And because we felt like we’d earned it with our headlong rush to get to Belize and get settled in our new place and figure out life off the grid (with its attendant alertness to power and water, and to things that might hurt you – which is kind of like “mom radar” which you can never really turn off when you have small kids). And mostly because we weren’t ready yet for six hours in the car again.

I think we decompressed so much we maybe didn’t even have a blood pressure by the time we left. It was truly, truly wonderful. This little cottage was our accommodation (also see http://www.mayabeachhotel.com/accommodations/vacation-rentals/flip-flop-palace/).

flip-flop-palace ray-at-the-pool We spent a good part of the day at the pool. Since it’s right beside the bistro, Ray made a comment about another guest, but as quietly as he could so his voice wouldn’t carry, and let’s just say I completely misunderstood what he was trying ray-prayingto tell me.

I was, in fact, so surprised that he would say something like that, that I repeated it just to be sure that’s what I’d heard.

To which he replied, why would you even THINK I would say something like that?!

And then he started praying for deliverance.

No, I am not going to repeat it here, either. Suffice it to say it’s brought us to tears laughing about it several times since then.pod-tree









We also spent oh, a good few hours sitting on the cottage porch, trying to figure out what this particular tree and its “fruit pods” were (?), and watching a new species of ants, which we dubbed NASCAR ants, as they drafted and crashed into each other along the railing. While playing a mean game of Words with Friends on our tablets.

Yes, alcohol was involved that day.



One thought on “A decompression day in Maya Beach

  1. Pam Thomas says:

    Those green fruit thingys are almonds!


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