Bowling in Belize

Yup. Maya Beach has a bowling alley – a real one, four lanes, in fact. Our friends Bob and Pam are the local managers of Jaguar Lanes, so we headed over to say hello and have some of the world-famous pizza we’d been hearing about. Oh yeah, and to bowl a few frames.



Here’s Ray working rayhis tropical bowling attire. And here’s that freakishly delicious pizza (followed by English toffee bits for dessert – yum!)









A lot of people from a lot of places have apparently stopped by to bowl in Belize. I left our mark on the wall too. Who knew? Thanks for a unique experience, Bob and Pam!



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One thought on “Bowling in Belize

  1. Karen C says:

    And so what were your scores?? I’ve been meaning to tell you… the Pier has New Owners as of May 1! Time share company Westgate bought it 4mil. Michael Dugan said Wednesday he went to hand in his paperword/contract, the workers were “cleaning and scrubbing everything”. And Mike and Pauls’ stage is GONE! Changes are coming . Beer prices are bound to go up!


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