Lovely Maya Beach

The road off the highway first headed east, through typical brush with some scattered homes, then eventually narrowed as it turned south onto the Placencia peninsula, so that we had both sea and lagoon views through the trees.

We arrived hot, tired, and sooo ready to get out of the car at our first destination – the Maya Beach Hotel & Bistro, pictured below. We’d heard good things about this place and it definitely did not disappoint.


The front desk staff was wonderfully welcoming and took us to look at several choices for our stay: a couple of nicely appointed rooms in the main building, as well as a separate beach cottage (our eventual choice). Along the way, we glimpsed the inviting beachside bistro and pool and knew we’d be heading back that way soon.

But first, a little settling in as we checked out our new surroundings.




The pool was calling, though, so off we went…


Refreshed, we connected with Bob and Pam, friends of friends who have been very helpful and kind in letting us pester them with questions about Belize by email and Facebook for the last few months. We finally met in person over dinner at the bistro, where we also met the hotel owners, John and Ellen, and were flawlessly served by Oscar (in our experience over a three day stay, all the wait staff were terrific!).

A few Belikins and a delicious dinner later (I had the nut-encrusted fish filet, which was awesome, and – since it was insisted upon by our hosts – Ray and I shared a slice of peanut brittle ice cream cake, soooo good!), we’d swapped enough stories for one evening and called it a night, with plans to regroup the following day.

Let me just say two words – two letters, actually: AC. After a month without it, it was bliss to experience it again as we slept.

More in my next post, but also visit this link for an idea of the Maya Beach Hotel & Bistro experience:

We second everything she says!

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