For those of you who are thinking we are just sitting around doing nothing down here in Belize, I provide evidence to the contrary.

There’s many prospering fruit trees on the property, including papaya, kumquat, lime, and more (also noni and plantains next door that our yard guy Hector has introduced us to). There’s also many colorful flowering bushes, particularly roses and bougainvillea.

And then there is this sad, sad vegetable plot.

DSCN0145001Enter the new master gardener re-purposing egg crates to germinate seeds. A load of dirt and more bricks will be procured before the seedlings will be officially planted. “After” pictures to follow.

I wanted the firepit. I collected rocks for the firepit. I unloaded rocks for the firepit. I built the firepit. Yes, I could have had Hector do it, but I wanted to do it myself (and Ray was happy to let me, too – he’s had enough fun with other projects around here).

I hadn’t been expecting Picture Day for my final task, though (firewood collection). Purple dress + orange gloves + sneakers doesn’t equate to one of my better fashion statements – but what the hell.



The interesting thing about this project is how much attention it drew from the local wildlife. The neighbor’s dog, to start with – the morning after we unloaded the rocks, Lola was making her usual morning rounds and stopped dead in her tracks, barking fiercely until she’d satisfied herself that they weren’t presenting any imminent danger. Oh yeah, and then our resident croc swam up the other evening for a closer view too – according to the neighbors, apparently for the same reason (something’s different in my territory – what is this?).

The dog’s behavior was funny – the croc’s, not so much. Especially since we’d just been swimming in that spot a few hours earlier. But again, have to remember that this is their world, we’re just visiting (I am SO not swimming early mornings or late afternoons! And also making no more changes to the beachfront area – I promise, now go away).

Haven’t yet lit up the inaugural fire but we’ll get to it one night. There’s just been so many other things to do – wipe brow, sigh.

Here’s Ray a few minutes ago, headed out fishing. Eat your heart out, ladies, because he’s all mine. Love you, honey – ‘Arry Chin and all!

I’m not exactly sure whether this counts as a project or as sitting around doing nothing, but yesterday we watched Donna and Enrique break in their new pizza oven at Suena Del Mar – for about five hours, drinking beer, under the shade of palm trees, with a nice breeze off the bay, occasionally providing commentary about how we thought it was going.



The new pizza oven has been deemed a rousing success, and thanks to Donna and Enrique for allowing us to be the guinea pig “taste testers” of its first product (absolutely delicious chicken – nicely smoky, nicely moist).

I suppose this may count as a project after all, since now Ray wants one of those. 🙂

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