More bits & pieces


La LaThis item, we were told by the Chinese lady at the store in Copper Bank, is “what many white people drink.” (Guess we can’t object to being referred to as “white people” when we’re referring to her as “the Chinese lady,” huh? It’s all good). Anyway, this is milk that can be stored on shelves until you open it – which is helpful if you’re having problems with your refrigeration (we were, but now have a redneck solution that works fine; country boys can survive, and all that).


I honestly do not even know what to say about this one. Ray says the sausage is good, however.





With a nod to James Taylor, our cat clearly does not have one. Oh wait, he does move from one lounging location to another.









First the generator spit up all over him (oil and black smoke), ruining a perfectly good white tee shirt. The short version of the story is that the rings (and apparently several other things) were bad so we had to take it into town to be repaired. In the meantime, we (well, technically, Tea) bought a new, smaller generator that is working more efficiently (and more quietly) than the big diesel was.

We’ve learned lots about how battery charging works (thank you, Google) and can now even speak reasonably intelligently about bulk, absorption, and float charging. Will probably be good to have a backup generator anyway, especially during rainy season – which, by the way, Hector was telling us about the other day and we’re pretty sure we’d also better start stocking up on meat and dry goods (though Bill says we’re all in this together and if the roads are unpassable, they do have the boat to get to Corozal; which is a relief, because I’m not sure how long it would take us to get across the bay in our inflatable suntanning raft. Ha ha).

Moving on: Then Ray got bit by a dog. Again, the short version is that some American military doctors are in country, doing humanitarian work out in the villages, and they (and some Belizean officials) came by to vaccinate Macho and Lola, the German shepherds next door. The group was supposed to call before they came by, but they didn’t, so Bill and Jenny were in town. So we called them to see if they wanted to try to get the shots done without them here (yes). Both dogs are big, but Lola’s a little smaller and pretty normal. Macho kinda reminds me – well, not always but sometimes – of one of the crazed hyenas on The Lion King movie. I would have went with Lola first myself, but Macho wanted out so Ray went that way and learned in very short order that Macho doesn’t care for being held by his collar, especially not when there’s eight strangers nearby. With Ray’s arm now bleeding (a minor injury, but still), the docs decided um, let’s just skip those shots. Well, we tried. Or Ray did.

Lastly, the other night he was shaking the sheet out and walked directly into the bed’s very sharp-cornered leg, which split the nail on his middle toe, and was apparently in so much pain that he could not even utter a curse word. I was around the corner and not sure what had happened to him; I thought maybe something had bit him, and when I told him that later, he said that would have been preferable. He also said maybe he should just stick his good arm into the gas burner on the stove, next.

Clearly, more Rum & Coke is in order.

Ray is also attempting to grow a beard, since he doesn’t feel like shaving. It’s very stubbly right now so he has adopted a new persona, ‘Arry Chin – who depending upon his mood speaks with either a Chinese or British accent (and occasionally, scarily, both). So politically incorrect. Oh well – for those who know him well, you can imagine this.

lightning bugsLIGHTNING BUGS
We slept through the recent lunar eclipse but got a very cool consolation prize last night. As if the stars aren’t beautiful enough out here, we saw the best lightning and lightning bug display ever. Fireflies were flitting in and out of the palm tree fronds like twinkling Christmas lights, and there was low thunder and occasional lightning going on over the water. Amazing!


2 thoughts on “More bits & pieces

  1. Christine says:

    Oh, poor Ray! 😦
    I managed to grab a glimpse of a billboard for that “chikin”, but we drove by so quickly I wasn’t able to really read it well. Thanks for posting the pic, because I had somehow read it as “Dis Da Wi Fi Chikin”. Now it makes more sense after seeing your pic… NOT! 🙂
    (Does is translate as “this the favorite chicken”?)


  2. Christine says:

    p.s. Unfortunately, I never saw any fireflies, I just love when I see them, too… but looks like “low thunder and occasional lightning going on over the water” must happen all over Belize, because that is one of my most treasured memories from my time there. Just sitting on the beach after dark, listening to the waves crash, looking up at the stars, and seeing lightning over in the distance. Amazing to see the lightning while the sky directly overhead was clear as a bell. I saw at least one shooting star every night, too. But my wish made when seeing them hasn’t come true…I’m still not back in Belize (yet). 🙂


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