Birds, birds, and more birds…

There are a lot of birds in Belize. Hell, there are a lot of them right in our own yard.

magfrigateOut front, by the sea, frigates (which Ray calls “the deratactyls” – that’s for you, Scott and Kayla) wheel and soar around the bay.

Mangrove swallows, pictured below, are much smaller and swifter; they skim the water and zoom around a lot.

mangrove swallow

Like at home, in various trees around the property, we’ve seen (and heard) fat mourning doves, with their familiar lament; woodpeckers rat-a-tatting near and far; mockingbirds trilling their crazy scales; and grackles with their various whoops, whistles, and what we’re calling “bird hairballs.” We even spotted a 220px-Stavenn_Amazona_albifrons_00hummingbird at the bougainvilleas one day.

Nothing like at home, there is also a flock of bright green parrots that roost (and squawk) in the trees next door.

There’s bright yellow-breasted birds that I am guessing might be social flycatchers, including a pair with a nest in one of our palms.

social_flycatcherOrchard_OrioleAlso brilliant orange birds that may be orioles?

For such a laid-back country, most of these birds are in a hurry. Maybe because of the open space on the property, we can sit on the front porch and watch a cruise missile go by every few seconds in the morning (then they fly off to do whatever they do during the day). Very entertaining!




2 thoughts on “Birds, birds, and more birds…

  1. Laurie says:

    beautiful. i love the orange ones.


  2. Christine says:

    I remember when I heard my first unfamiliar bird call in Placencia and how it stopped me in my tracks. It definitely felt like I was in an exotic & new land then. Sadly, the only parrots I saw were in cages in peoples’ yards. I felt really sorry for them being so intelligent and that they couldn’t experience the freedom of such a beautiful place.

    A funny side note is that one of the ladies in our group thought that the big birds soaring high over the water were called “friggin’ birds” after somebody had said to her earlier, “Look at all those friggin’ birds!”


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