Jungle excursion to Cerros Maya

We had our first big blow yesterday afternoon – hard, brief rain, but mostly gale-force winds – as a cold front swept in out of the north. Brr! Actually slept with a blanket on overnight…

Since it was still relatively cool (71 degrees) this morning, we decided to check out the Cerros Maya ruins, and I even talked Ray into going on foot along the trail instead of driving. When he got his machete out, I realized why – because it’d be a chance to finally use it for something other than slicing citrus fruit in our Florida back yard. 🙂

mayan bay estatesBill next door – and his machete, too, so I guess it’s actually warranted – kindly offered to take us to the main trail head. Along the way he showed us what poisonwood looks like (oh, good – another thing to avoid in Belize) and explained the Mayan Bay Estates development plan nearby (pictured). No houses there yet, but a canal to the sea and a lagoon for a marina are in place. We walked along the road you can see at the back side of the lagoon (and where that road begins is our road in008 and out; the cluster of houses out here on the bay, including ours, is just out of the image at bottom left). Oh, and by the way, the lagoon is where Bill suspects the big crocodile that’s sometimes out in the bay has taken up residence (oh good – I am so glad to know that).

Anyway, with a point in the right direction and a few precautionary words, Bill left us, and off we went down this trail.


DSCN0170Ray led the way but let me carry his machete sheath so that I, too, could feel bad ass (anyone sensing a theme here yet?)

Okay, then. After some close quarters initially (ie, perfect if you’re hobbit-sized), the trail eventually widened and got closer to the water.

We stopped on several scrims of beach to explore and foun014d a few treasures: Some interesting rocks and sea glass for me, and Ray found what might be some kind of small artifact (?).001

Oh yeah, we also found an “ancient alien turtle skull” (I know, we’ve watched too much SyFy Channel) and a gi-hugeous (that’s for Luke) grasshopper (dead).


013Then on and on, tramping through the undergrowth, with Ray of course sweeping the machete ahead of him for spiderwebs and happily hacking away on any obstructing vines and palm fronds, and finally we arrived at the back end of the Cerros Maya ruins.

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One thought on “Jungle excursion to Cerros Maya

  1. Christine says:

    Wow, I’m so envious & so wishing I’d had more than just a week in Belize and had the time to really experience it more slowly in this way. I did a caving trip, but of course we were driven there in an air conditioned van. We had no crocodiles to worry about, but we also didn’t get to feel all bad ass wielding a machete. 🙂 (Actually, I think I’d be more afraid of hurting myself with a machete than I would be of a crocodile hurting me)


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