A trip in to Corozal – Part 2


019According to the Belize Travel Guide:
“Located 89 miles north of Belize City and just 7 miles from Mexico, Corozal currently boasts about 10,000 residents. The calming emerald waters of Corozal Bay, charming resorts, shady parks, and the warmth of the people have lured many visitors and retirees from North America and Europe into making this district their hometown. The district encompasses a diverse population of ethnic backgrounds that have blended to give the people a distinctly relaxed outlook on life, making Corozal a tranquil paradise.”


The two photos at right show the town square, which is Corozal Park and the market behind it.

Ray at the post office

Ray at the post office

Numbered avenues run lengthwise, parallel to the water, and intersect with a shorter, also numbered street grid that extends north and south from town center.This is where many of the government and community institutions are like the library, post office, immigration, police, etc.

Below are a sampling of Corozal street scenes.













Had to take this picture for the signage outside.



Pretty flowers all over like this bougainvillea – also hibiscus, plumeria, and what I think is jacaranda

So that’s pretty representative of town; the best part is really the people – everyone here is so friendly!

corozal aerial

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