A trip in to Corozal – Part 1

We went to Corozal again yesterday (trip 3 in ten days), to finish finding things on our list (done! It’s getting easier to figure things out). We’re hoping to get to where we only make 1 trip per week, but this was also “for fun” since I was documenting the ride for this blog, and we also took a swing through Consejo Shores, a mostly ex-pat development six miles or so north of town – nice, but we like it where we are better, off the grid adventures and all :).

001002About 3.5 miles from the house is the entry to Copper Bank Village (pictured, left). The open structure there is the bus stop.





At the welcome sign, there’s some sort of memorial but not sure if it’s to people or pets.









Copper Bank is considered an affluent community of about 500; the homes here are larger than many other villages and mostly built of brick.



And it’s home to the Chinese grocery shop that serves as our 7-11 here. The owners, a young couple with a toddler and an older gent who might be one of their dads, are usually hanging around inside or out front – nice people.


Copper Bank Inn


Copper Bank is also home to the Copper Bank Inn. We stopped in there on Saturday for lunch (fried chicken – yum!) and met owners Phil and Dove, as well as some of the group of ex-pats that meet there regularly to play darts. Also nice people, and one of them – Ed Moore – even knew who we were, which was a nice surprise. Best of all, their refrigerator has colder Belikins than ours – at least at the moment.

007Once you leave Copper Bank, the road looks pretty much like this until  you reach the ferry. Note the “dusting” of Caribbean snow on the vegetation (get it, dust?!). Also, this is a pretty good stretch – not all of it is this pothole-free.

At the ferry, the New River Stop (which I mentioned in one of my first posts) is on our side of the river. I was going to take a pic of it but the ferry was ready to load when we got there, so instead I stole the pic, below, from their Facebook page. We met the owner, Kim, on oNew River Stopne of our first days here, and saw her again at darts last weekend with her family.

We’d been following a guy riding a little power bike; we had stopped at one point when he had stopped, to ask if he was having trouble. He told us no, he’d just dropped some plantains from his backpack and had to pick them up. When we ended up on the ferry together a few minutes later, he emptied his bag  to show us his haul: green tomatoes, cilantro, and plantains. He told us he had a farm near Little Belize (a mostly Mennonite community not too far from here) and was bringing his mom some food. Very friendly guy, and when we docked, he ran back to the truck with some cilantro and three tomatoes and handed them to Ray with a smile before jumping on his bike and zipping off again.


The final stretch from the ferry mostly looks like the same as the other picture with the dust, until it intersects with the Northern Highway on the edge of Corozal, close to where this cool garden in front of a gated house is located.



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